Professional Home Pool Maintenance and Renovation Services in Punta Gorda, FL & the Surrounding Areas

If you’re thinking about renovating or remodeling your swimming pool or decking, UP Maintenance and Care is up for the task! Our highly qualified team in Punta Gorda, FL has helped many pool homeowners throughout the Charlotte, Manasota, and Sarasota counties with their home pool maintenance and other tasks. Whether you’re interested in pool decking and installation, pool resurfacing, or any other services, one call, we do it all. When it comes to pool restoration, we understand that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. We have a plethora of design ideas to get the ball rolling. The great news is that pool renovations don’t have to break the bank! Contact us to get started.

POOL REMODELING BASICS  Pool Restoration in Punta Gorda, FL

Pool remodeling can be a big undertaking, but we take this process step by step; so all goes swimmingly. Attentive planning and budgeting are the keys to a successful pool renovation, and UP Maintenance and Care is here to help with all aspects to make the process and end result more enjoyable. Perhaps the previous homeowner had different tastes, when it came to design. We understand styles and standards change over time. You may be in a different place budget-wise now than when you just moved in or when your pool was first installed. Major pool renovations can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some substantial changes you can make without spending a fortune. Some updates can even save you money by allowing your pool to run more efficiently.


Here are a few renovation ideas that can dramatically change the look and efficiency of your pool:

  1. LED Lighting – Transform your pool’s style from drab to fab by installing LED Lighting, which also adds the benefit of energy savings, as opposed to the standard outdated versions. LED lights are vibrant and vivid and can be installed and displayed in multiple colors, throughout any of the pool and decking areas.
  2. Waterline Tile – Something so simple, like tile, can make a night and day difference and offer more of a contemporary look. When combined with deck or pool resurfacing the results are amazing!
  3. Pool Resurfacing – Pool resurfacing updates your pool to a more modern look while extending the lifetime as well. Various finishes and colors from stones, quartz, to even glass jewels can be used to rejuvenate your pool.
  4. Salt Water System – A popular trend is going with a saltwater conversion, where the saltwater systems use table salt to create chlorine in the pool water. This adds a delightful silkier water feel, which is easier on the swimmer’s eyes, skin, and clothes. This option is often a money-saver as well as convenient, with no need to store excess amounts of chlorine.
  5. Water Features – Building on a waterfall or other water features like fountains, spillways, sprayers, or scuppers can make your pool relaxing and exciting. Adding water sounds and motion can reveal a new ambiance, for a more enhanced swimming pool experience.
  6. Automation Systems – Technology has evolved making operation, use, and maintenance easier in many aspects. We will help you choose the best systems to fit your needs and budget, that have been field-tested to last. Some of the Automation options include complete system automation, automatic pool covers, robotic cleaners, and more.
  7. Handrail Installs – Handrails can be installed not only as a safety benefit and ease of entry into your pool but also comes in many design styles for a more modern look.
  8. Energy-Efficient Equipment – There are many options to make your pool less expensive to operate. The heart of your pool is the pool pump; so when going through a renovation, strongly consider a more energy-efficient variable speed pump/motor. These run on the electricity of four (4) light bulbs and can save you from spending too much on your electric bill. Other trendy choices among pool homeowners include solar-heating and lights, as well as energy-efficient filters.


Choose the trusted team to recreate the pool of your dreams. Not only do we offer pool remodel and renovation, but our other services include pool repair, cleaning, green pool cleanups, seasonal service, home pool maintenance and care, pre-home pool inspections, and more. With over 40 years of helping pool homeowners in Punta Gorda, FL and surrounding areas, we are the skilled team to do the job.

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Contact our office to schedule a design consultation to view many interior finishes, tiles, and pavers to choose from. We specialize in complete pool renovations, resurfacing, tile replacements, pavers, and we can spray Crete cool decks. We have all the necessary licenses and insurances (even pop up insurance) to protect you. UP Maintenance and Care is the go-to choice to bring your pool up to date. Pick up the phone and call (941) 259-6537 right away!