Very Useful Home Pool Maintenance Tips

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Pools

Pools are valuable amenities that require regular maintenance. If you have one, below are various maintenance duties you can’t just miss. Luckily, you can also hire a pool contractor to have the job done.

Daily Tasks

With your net skimmer, scope floating debris you’ll find on the pool. The small debris that has sunk on the ground can be removed using a pool vacuum. You can have the manual vacuum or a robotic pool vacuum but for better results, always get the manual one. This will allow you to clean all areas.


Doing regular pool brushing every week will keep the water clean throughout the whole season. This will save your pool’s interior from stains and algae. There are different types of brush for pools so it’s important to consider your pool’s material. For instance, you got to use brushes with stainless steel and nylon bristles on an unpainted concrete pool. You may ask the store clerk or even your swimming pool contractor for advice.


Seasonal pool maintenance involves pool shocking. This should be done twice every season. Contrary to what it sounds, shocking isn’t a dangerous procedure, provided that you’re doing it correctly. It just meant that you need to raise the chlorine level of the pool to kill bacteria. You should perform the treatment at night to ensure that the sun reduces the shocking effect of chlorine. Some pool repair contractors also offer this service so you can count on them in case you don’t want to mess it up.

What Your Pool Needs?

There’s a way to properly know the best way to maintain your pool and that is by purchasing a water testing kit. The kit usually comes with pH level, chlorine level, acid demand, and more. Check what type of tests the kits you’ve found offer. They vary so make sure to have a home pool maintenance company assist you.

The good thing about these test kits is that they come with instructions. You can do the testing on your own since it’s not that complicated. You don’t need to perform all of them on the same day. There are certain conditions you got to meet before conducting the test.

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